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Chengdu Fall 2020
High-Performance Power Conversion Seminar & Workshops Pre-Register Now

Why you should attend this free event

Why you should attend this free event

Designing high-performance power systems continues to increase in complexity year after year. Utilizing a solid design methodology for high performance power conversion is essential to achieving first-time success. You will learn new techniques for EMI mitigation, thermal modeling, PCB Layout, DC-DC designs and implementing AC-DC Front ends. Real-world applications will be used whenever possible to illustrate the workshops. During this daylong event you will learn from industry experts and Vicor applications engineers. They will help you identify common pitfalls and guide you on a path to success when designing high performance power systems.


This event is a professional seminar with limited seats. Your company information is required for your registration.  Limit five (5) attendees from each company.

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