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Vicor to demonstrate how to unleash innovation with power modules at EDN / EET Japan Power Design Seminar.

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Vicor to demonstrate how to unleash innovation with power modules at EDN / EET Japan Power Design Seminar

April 18, 2023
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Vicor Corporation the leader in high performance power modules, today announced its participation in EDN/EET Japan Power Design Seminar. Vicor KK will be presenting  “Advanced power technology to unleash new power of innovations” that will address modular power solutions that maximizes the potential for new innovations.

Koji Nishikawa, Senior Applications Engineer at Vicor KK, will deliver the presentation at May 12, 1:50pm. The event will be held online.

Vicor's modular power solutions are used in a wide range of advanced applications such as AI processors, high performance computing, automotive, battery testing, ATE, test and measurement, and satellites. Small and highly efficient, Vicor power modules are essential to unleashing the power of innovation. In this seminar, Nishikawa will explain how Vicor’s architectures, topologies, packaging and high density power modules support innovation and he will share customer cases studies.

For the online presentation, pre-registration is required.

Event: EDN / EET Japan Power Design Seminar
Date: May 12, 2023

About Vicor

Vicor is the leader in high-performance power modules, enabling customer innovation with easy-to-deploy modular power system solutions for power delivery networks that provide the highest density and efficiency from source to point-of-load. We continuously advance the density, efficiency and power delivery capabilities of our power modules by staying on the forefront of distribution architectures, conversion topologies and packaging technology. Vicor serves customers in high-performance computing, industrial equipment, automotive and aerospace and defense markets.

With over 40 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing power modules for demanding markets, the Vicor patented, high-frequency DC-DC power conversion technology is ideally suited for the automotive market.

Vicor is a registered trademark of Vicor Corporation.

Contact Stephen Germino Media Relations & PR, Director/Vicor Corporation 978-749-8243