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Meeting the rigorous demands of SWaP-C for aerospace and defense products

EE Journal Chalk Talk: New Aerospace and Defense products

Designing products for aerospace and defense exposes us to unique engineering challenges. Smaller, lighter, more power dense products are now the norm. In our new video, senior product marketing manager Kai Johnstad explains how a new military-grade DC-DC converter with up to 2.5x more power density than other solutions can be an ideal fit for your next aerospace or defense project.


  • Up to 2.5x more power dense than other solutions
  • –55 to +100°C temperature operation
  • Delivers fully isolated, tightly regulated output voltages at up to 500W of output power
  • Includes integrated EMI filtering and secondary-referenced control interface

Kai has over ten years’ experience designing military-grade power components and working with engineers around the world to test and implement Vicor bricks.

Known as the “Better Brick,” this new military-grade DC-DC converter, increases power density, provides enhanced thermal performance, can be used with a compatible MIL-COTS filter and supports the Power Component Design Methodology.

For nearly 30 years Vicor has been a reliable partner to the Defense and Aerospace industry. As size, weight and power demands continue to push new limits, Vicor innovates to better exceed expectations of a demanding industry. The new Vicor “Better Brick” simplifies how you design your power systems and helps you optimize your design for SWaP-C attributes.

Vicor offers a variety of source to point-of-load, MIL-COTS parts for a wide range of military and industrial applications designed and manufactured in Andover, Massachusetts.