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Gyoukou Supercomputer Leveraging 48V Factorized Power

Watch the demonstration of Gyoukou, the ExaScaler/PEZY ZettaScaler-2.2 liquid immersion cooling supercomputer with a November 2017 Top500 ranking of #5 reported at 19.1PFlop/s and a Green500 ranking of #4 reported at 14.1GFlops/Watt. Each tank within the system is comprised of 256 processors and utilizes 48V Factorized Power, a high-efficiency, high-density power distribution architecture. PEZY CPUs are co-packaged with Vicor Power-on-Package (PoP) Modular Current Multipliers (“MCMs”) which enable efficient, direct 48V to sub-1V current multiplication at the XPU. The Gyoukou supercomputer is installed at the JAMSTEC Yokohama Research Institute in Japan.