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FlatPAC-EN™ AC-DC Power Supply

This product is not recommended for new designs.

Please use the Power System Designer tool to find a product for your project.

The FlatPAC-EN is an ultra-low-profile power supply with a power density greater than 7W/in³.

The FlatPAC‑EN is capable of providing up to 500W (425W for EN compliance) from up to four isolated outputs. The FlatPAC-EN can be configured with standard Vicor DC-DC converter modules. Like all other configurable power supplies offered by Vicor, the optimum FlatPAC-EN solution can be factory-configured based on the exact voltage and power requirements of the customer.

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Input specifications

Min input: Minimum input:
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Output specifications

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Features and benefits

Features and benefits


User-configurable supply with one to four outputs

Protective features

Protective features: inrush limiting, transient protection and EMI filtering

conduction and convection

Can operate in both conduction and convection applications

Meets EN61000-3-2

Meets EN61000-3-2 European harmonic requirements


  • Outline Drawing for FlatPAC-EN
  • for FlatPAC-EN 2 Outputs
  • for FlatPAC-EN 3 Outputs

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