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Digital Isolator

The I13TL1A0 is a three-channel passive digital isolator which enables secondary-referenced digital power-system monitoring and control when used in conjunction with the Vicor digital supervisor (D44TL1A0) and high-performance power conversion, regulation and transformation modules and bricks. The I13TL1A’s passive design reduces system complexity, while its small footprint increases system power density.

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10 x 10 LGA SiP
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Power System Designer

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Input specifications

Min input: Minimum input:
Nom input: Nominal input:
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Output specifications

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Vicor Power System Designer

Features and Benefits

Features and benefits

No VCC required

Powered from input signal, no VCC required

Operating input 3.3V

Operating input voltage = 3.3V (typ.)

Working voltage

Working voltage = 420VDC, 300VRMS

AC isolation voltage

AC isolation voltage = 3000VRMS


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