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Battery recycling

Maximize uptime with robust and reliable power delivery

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High temperature operation

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Improved thermal management

Power delivery that withstands the rigors of the recycling process

Efficient and power dense

Using a modular approach to power, Vicor high performance power modules require dramatically less space than traditional discrete power solutions while providing high efficiency and power density. This enables increased throughput without increasing floor space.

Reliable power at high temperature

Vicor BCM DC-DC power modules offer the unique ability to operate safely and reliably in the harshest of environments in the large-format battery recycling process. Equipment can reliably run at peak capacity thereby maximizing throughput and profitability.

Quickly implement a power solution

Vicor provides tested and qualified power modules to build power delivery networks that can be designed quickly without wasting time and effort to test and certify a new discrete design. This enables our customers to get to market faster, giving them a distinct advantage over their competition in all phases of the battery lifecycle.

The power delivery network

Vicor power delivery network for battery recycling

Isolated, high density BCM fixed-ratio converters safely and reliably convert a high voltage input into standard SELV bus output voltages of either 12, 24 or 48V. The planar packaging allows for efficient cooling and BCM modules can be easily paralleled for more power. They operate to an environment temperature of 100°C and provide integrated PMBus control, EMI filtering, and transient protection. 

BCM6135 bus converter module

BCM6135 bus converter

Input: 260 – 410V

Output: 32.5 – 51.3V

Current: Up to 65A

Peak efficiency: 98.6%

61 x 35 x 7.4mm

BCM bus converter module

BCM6123 bus converter

Input: 400V  (260 – 410V)

Output: 8.1 – 12.8 V, 16.3 – 25.6, 32.5 – 51.2

Current: Up to 150A

Efficiency: Up to 98%

25.14 x 61.0 x 7.26mm