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High performance power modules

Establishing new
power standards

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Regulation and fixed-ratio conversion

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Isolated and non-isolated

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Wide input and output voltage ranges

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Bidirectional and scalable to any size array

Power modules are compact and power dense

Up to 5x the density

Vicor modules establish new power conversion performance standards.


Miniature modules allow for easy placement on existing boards, eliminating the need for a major redesign. 


Parallel operation attains higher power levels above the capability of one module within a power delivery network

Vicor module size compared to a typical discrete solution

Vicor power module

Typical discrete solution

Typical discrete solution

Our power modules are far more efficient

Up to 98% efficiency

High efficiency not only reduces the thermal impact of a converter, it also reduces the power demand on the input source. 

Uniform and predictable heat dissipation

The profile of Vicor modules allows for uniform and predictable heat dissipation, while other power delivery options have a chaotic physical profile with many peaks and valleys.

Heat limited to a small footprint

A power module’s minimal heat losses are isolated to one spot, rather than scattered throughout the design.

Heat dissipation Vicor module versus discrete solution

Easily design a power delivery network

Tested and qualified...just drop it in

Unlike building discrete power solutions and having to repeatedly test and qualify the design, using the modular approach to power advances the design process much faster.

Easily adapt to new power needs

Accommodating new loads — or changes in power needs in a design — is easily accomplished by replacing or adding modules.

Re-use designs for different systems

Another time-saving advantage of a power delivery network is the ability to use the same design for different systems, with the same or similar modules.

Anatomy of a power delivery network

Anatomy of a Vicor Power Delivery Network


Use our tools to create a power delivery network

Modular PDNs in industry applications

Power delivery network for a tethered ROV

High-density, high-power modules enable lighter, safer, lower cost tether cables to extend missions

plug-in hybrid vehicle power delivery network

Converting the high-voltage xEV battery to 48V or 12V, eliminating intermediate batteries

Unmanned aircraft power delivery network

High-efficiency, high-density modules free up space for advanced communications and extend range