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Power delivery networks

Effective power

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Easy to implement

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Simple heat management

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Easily adapt to requirements

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Faster time-to-market

Simpler strategy and implementation: a power delivery network using the modular approach

Modular power delivery network

Using miniaturized power modules with up to 5x the density, the modular approach uses less real estate, leaving more room for functionality. High efficiency modules require much simpler thermal management and allow for flexible and scalable designs that are simpler and quicker to design and update.


Discrete power solution

Complex discrete solution

Requiring considerable expertise, time and effort throughout the design process, this approach uses hundreds of components and each needs procurement and validation. Change is disruptive and risky to schedules and technical requirements.

Silver box power solution

Inflexible silver box

Adding more loads or changing power or voltage levels is not practical. Routing voltages consume space and weight for the box and the cables, and the box is susceptible to noise and external interference.

Power delivery networks easily adapt to change

Simple power delivery network diagram

Simple, easy architecture

Individual modules perform the needed conversion at each load.

Simple power delivery network diagram

When power needs change

To accommodate a load with updated requirements, simply replace modules. 

Simple power delivery network diagram

Support an additional load

When a design requires a new load, simply add another module.

Factorized power architecture power delivery network diagram

Reduce rail losses

Separate regulation and transformation functions for current multiplication using Vicor Factorized Power Architecture.

Power delivery network diagram showing an array

Double the power at a load

Add a second or third module to multiply the power to a load. 

High voltage to SELV power delivery network diagram

Create a SELV bus

When drawing from a high-voltage source, use a high-efficiency fixed ratio module to create a SELV bus. 

Significantly faster time-to-market

Our customers have told us the modular approach can take less than half the time of designing and testing a discrete solution. 

The flexibility and scalability of Vicor power modules allow for an easy and quick redesign in order to power a new feature.

It’s also quick to re-architect a power delivery network for use in a new project by simply using different modules that match new power needs. 

time to market chart

Use our tools to create a power delivery network

Modular PDNs in industry applications

Power delivery network for a tethered ROV

High-density, high-power modules enable lighter, safer, lower cost tether cables to extend missions

plug-in hybrid vehicle power delivery network

Converting the high-voltage xEV battery to 48V or 12V, eliminating intermediate batteries

Unmanned aircraft power delivery network

High-efficiency, high-density modules free up space for advanced communications and extend range