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The PFC MegaPAC MI and PFC MegaPAC-High Power MI combine power factor correction (PFC) with the configurability of the MegaPAC family of power supplies. The PFC MegaPAC MI and PFC MegaPAC-High Power MI provide up to 1600W and 2400W of output powers respectively. The chassis has eight slots and can provide as many as 32 outputs for the PFC MegaPAC MI and 25 outputs for the PFC MegaPAC-High Power MI. The PFC MegaPAC MI and PFC MegaPAC-High Power MI have the same input and output connections, mounting points and dimensions.


Power System Designer

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Input specifications

Min input: Minimum input:
Nom input: Nominal input:
Max input: Maximum input:

Output specifications

Min output: Minimum output:
Nom output: Nominal output:
Max output: Maximum output:
Vicor Power System Designer

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Power factor corrected

Power factor corrected

Up to 32 outputs

Up to 32 outputs

MIL-STD 810 for shock & vibration

MIL‑STD 810 for shock & vibration

Transient protection

MIL‑STD 704 and 1399 for overvoltage & transients


  • Outline Drawing for PFC MegaPAC MI STD Length

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