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A better way to deliver power
Helping to protect, preserve and promote a healthy environment

Our commitment

Our commitment

Our world and its natural resources are under a constant assault from pollution and encroachment from mankind on sea, air and land. We are working closely with our customers to find new ways to advance power technology that is beneficial to the environment on a global scale. Vicor innovative and power efficient technologies are working in concert with nature to help heal itself by harnessing the energy generated by the wind, waves and sun. We also maintain a rigorous environmental sustainability program aimed at doing our part to protect and preserve our local ecosystem.

Watch how CCell is helping reverse devastating coastal erosion using Vicor power modules

Protecting and preserving our local ecosystem

Zero-waste water

Protecting our precious natural resources

Water is one of our most precious natural resources, so it is imperative that we do what we can to protect and preserve it. As a corporate member of the community for over 40 years Vicor takes this responsibility very seriously. Vicor has worked closely with local, state and federal environmental agencies to design and implement a best-in-class plating and surface treatment process that recycles up to 80,000 gallons of water each day which translates into over 20 million gallons saved annually. The result is a “zero-wastewater” discharge process. The solid contaminants filtered out as part of the process are collected and recycled when and where possible.

Avid waste recycling

A passion for recycling

Vicor is a world-class manufacturing company and a natural part of the manufacturing process is waste. Vicor looks at waste recycling as an opportunity to limit the negative impact on the environment (landfills) and use it to help create new jobs and uses for the recycled materials. We are constantly challenging ourselves to find new partners who can find innovative ways to turn discarded materials into something useful. The old adage “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” applies here. We are constantly implementing new programs and have set a goal to ultimately recycle up to 85% of our solid waste.

Green factory expansion

Eco-friendly manufacturing

Vicor recently completed an extensive $34 million factory expansion to keep up with growing industry demand for our products. As part of this expansion, Vicor will be introducing the most advanced automated component plating process in the world. This will ensure that all aspects of the process are monitored closely and byproducts are recycled and recirculated when and where possible. The sophisticated level of automation integrates built-in safeguards to help minimize the impact to the surrounding ecosystem.