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Accelerate xEV design
Solving 400V/800V EV fast-charging compatibility

The challenge of range anxiety from DC fast-charging incompatibility

Charge anxiety is on the rise as today’s EV primary battery voltages increase from 400V to 800V, even though public infrastructure is not adequate to support 800V DC fast charging. Upgrading charging stations is not a tenable short-term solution. A faster, more holistic approach is an onboard conversion solution that enables compatibility between 400V and 800V EV batteries and roadside charging stations. With Vicor scalable, bidirectional, high-density power modules, this approach can be adopted quickly, with minimal investment and far easier execution.

The Power Delivery Network

The NBM9280 provides 37.5kW of 400V and 800V fixed-ratio conversion in a 92 x 80mm CM-ChiP package, enabling a high-efficiency and high-density scalable onboard solution for compatibility between EV batteries and roadside DC fast-charging stations. The bidirectional capability of the NBM9280 allows the same module to be used for either step-up or step-down conversion. The NBM9280 can also provide a 400V source for air conditioning and cabin electronics during 800V charging, minimizing battery balancing circuitry. Learn more about Vicor high-performance automotive power modules.

Vicor automotive charging solutions
NBM9280 CM-ChiP

800V/400V NBM9280


Input: 200 – 460V (boost) or 400 – 920V (buck)

Output: 400 – 920V (boost) or 200 – 460V (buck)

Current: Up to 75A

Peak efficiency: 99.0%

92 x 80 x 7.4mm

The benefits of modular power

The benefits of modular power

High density

Power density

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Flexibility and scalability

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