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SOSA Aligned Power Supplies

The Vicor SOSA-aligned power supply is a COTs power supply that is designed for 3U Open VPX systems that are developed to the SOSA standard. The module utilizes Vicor proprietary technology to enable high efficiency and power density for this highly rugged, conduction-cooled model.

Up to four power supplies can be paralleled to increase output power capability of +12V main and +3.3V auxiliary outputs with proprietary wireless current sharing. Need for conventional current‑share pins are eliminated. Current share accuracy is ±2A.

Features and Benefits

Features and benefits

Scalable OpenVPX compliant form-factor

Scalable OpenVPX compliant form-factor

Overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protections

Overcurrent, overvoltage & overtemperature protections

Military standard compliance to MIL‑STD 704F, 461F, 810G, 1275D

Military standard compliance to MIL‑STD 704F, 461F, 810G, 1275D

High Reliability Modular Design

High Reliability Modular Design

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Part Number Nom. Input Voltage (V) Output Power (W) Form-Factor Conformal Coated Output Voltage Config. Add to cart / view details
SOS028H3U800C000 Part Number: SOS028H3U800C000 Nom. Input Voltage (V): 18 – 45 Output Power (W): 800 Form-Factor: 3U Conformal Coated: Coated Output Voltage Config.: Parallelable View details
SOS028H3U800D000 Part Number: SOS028H3U800D000 Nom. Input Voltage (V): 18 – 45 Output Power (W): 800 Form-Factor: 3U Conformal Coated: Coated + AU-plated Connector Output Voltage Config.: Parallelable View details

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  • 3D Drawing for 28V 3U
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