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Battery testing

Maximize throughput and adapt to change quickly and easily

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High density and efficiency

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High current capability

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Low height

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Scalable and flexible

Reliable power conversion to meet evolving needs

Versatile and reliable

Vicor high-performance power modules can support cell voltages from 0V to greater than 48V. Modules can be used individually or in parallel arrays allowing output currents from tens of Amps to many hundreds of Amps. Reliability is assured by utilizing leading edge power technologies based upon patented topologies that have been successfully applied within the aerospace industry for decades.

Efficient and power-dense

Using a modular approach to power, Vicor high performance power modules require dramatically less space than traditional discrete power solutions while providing high efficiency and power density that is advantageous in all phases of the battery lifecycle. These qualities enable increased battery testing throughput without increasing floor space.

High current capability

Being able to manage the wide current variability in the process is essential to maintain continued operation. Vicor robust power modules have been designed to handle the high – and sometimes unpredictable – currents routinely encountered in the battery testing process.

The power delivery network

battery testing

Isolated, high density BCM fixed-ratio converters safely and reliably convert a high voltage input into standard SELV bus output voltages of either 12, 24 or 48V with current up to 150A. The voltage can then be further reduced to optimal voltages for battery testing, charging and discharging. They are also paralleled for more power if needed. The BCM can also convert high voltage to a SELV bus where Vicor DCM isolated and PRM non-isolated regulators can be utilized to efficiently manage different voltage requirements to power point-of-loads.

BCM6135 bus converter module

BCM6135 bus converter

Input: 260 – 410V

Output: 32.5 – 51.3V

Current: Up to 65A

Peak efficiency: 98.6%

61 x 35 x 7.4mm

BCM6123 bus converter module

BCM6123 bus converter

Input: 400V  (260 – 410V)

Output: 8.1 – 12.8 V, 16.3 – 25.6, 32.5 – 51.2

Current: Up to 150A

Efficiency: Up to 98%

25.14 x 61.0 x 7.26mm

DCM DC-DC converters

DCM DC-DC converters

Input: 9 – 420V

Output: 3.3, 5, 12, 13.8, 15, 24, 28, 36, 48V

Power: Up to 1300W

Efficiency: Up to 96%

As small as 24.8 x 22.8 x 7.2mm

PRM buck-boost regulators

PRM buck-boost regulators

Input: 48V (36 – 75V)

Output: 48V (5 – 55V)

Power: Up to 600W

Efficiency: Up to 97%

As small as 22.0 x 16.5 x 6.7mm