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LED Lighting

Delivering lighter, brighter LED panels with 48V

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The limits of powering LEDs

Limits of powering LEDs

Large-video displays present a power design challenge; how best to develop an efficient solution that reduces energy losses, minimizes heat generation and is easily scalable. Heat can be a big problem with LEDs. More heat results in excessive temperatures, which rapidly degrades LED luster and longevity.

Delivering brighter LEDs that last longer

Delivering brighter LEDs that last longer

Driving thousands of LEDs in a large-scale video display requires an efficient power system to produce the low-voltage, high-current supply needed. Traditionally designers have turned to a PoL solution that uses 24V as the intermediate DC voltage. Increasing the voltage to 48V though reaps numerous benefits that 24V just can’t deliver including reduced heat generation, reduced cabling, size and weight, increased LED performance, longer panel life and higher power efficiency.

Advantages of Vicor solutions

Advantages of Vicor solutions


Brighter LED panels

low weight

Lighter weight cables

low weight

Reduced panel weight

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Application examples

Video wall display

The challenge of installing a display of enormous size and weight, with its associated cabling, only became feasible with a move to a Vicor component-enabled, higher voltage bus.

Vicor power chain for video wall display


Vehicle-mounted LED advertising

The reliability of the display unit increased with a Vicor high-efficiency solution, operating at a higher ambient temperature and meeting the stringent EMI requirements.  

Power chain for vehicle-mounted LED advertising

Vehicle advertising signage-LARGE.jpg

Passenger bus LED display

High efficiency over a wider input range and mounted on the same board as the LEDs, Vicor ZVS buck regulators eliminated hot spots around the power supply thereby correcting color variances of the LED display.

Power chain for bus LED display

Bus LED signage

Vicor products for LED applications

Bidirectional power converters VIEW PRODUCTS

36 – 60V


7.2 – 15.3V


Up to 2400W


Over 98%

ZVS Buck
12V, 24V or 48V direct to point-of-load regulators VIEW PRODUCTS

12VIN nominal (8 to 18VIN)
24VIN nominal (8 to 42VIN)
48VIN nominal (30 to 60VIN)


Wide output range (2.2 to 16V)


Up to 22A


Up to 98%
Light load and full load high efficiency performance

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