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Increasing capacity of semiconductor burn-in thermal chambers

Burn-in thermal chambers have become increasingly more prevalent as high-reliability end markets require semiconductor ICs that achieve the highest levels of quality, reliability and stability. Just increasing the size and number of power supplies and burn-in systems is not a desirable option because of similar floor space limitations as traditional ATE test systems.

IC performance and complexity have increased in all end markets, particularly the automotive and data center markets where stringent quality and reliability requirements are the norm and zero PPM failure rates are the expectation. To meet these requirements, device burn-in is on the increase. Vicor can help achieve higher burn-in throughput with more compact, modular power solutions to allow for rapid development with reduced test and burn-in cost.

Increasing capacity of semiconductor burn-in thermal chambers

The power delivery network

To meet the needs of high power density, high efficiency, and effective thermal management, burn-in equipment benefits from a power delivery netowrk with a 48V distributed bus. Low-voltage Vicor BCMs in full- and half-chip packages perform fixed-ratio conversion with increased power density and current at the load under burn-in stress. The integrated planar magnetics of the BCM provide a low-height profile – typically less than 8mm – to simplify cooling methods and thermal management. Available in a wide range of fixed-ratios, BCMs offer flexibility and modularity to simplify burn-in board development. Another Vicor fixed ratio converter is the NBM series of bidirectional non-isolated bus converters. The NBM series of products is a high efficiency and high power bus converter tailor-made for ATE manufacturers who adopt a distributed 48V bus and who need to provide 12V at high current and with greater than 96% efficiency in small, thermally adept package (as small as 23mm X 17mm X 5.2mm).

Power Delivery Network for or increasing capacity of semiconductor burn-in thermal chambers

BCM bus converter modules

Input: 800 – 48V

Output: 2.4 – 55.0V

Current: Up to 150A

Efficiency: Up to 98%

As small as 22.0 x 16.5 x 6.7mm  

NBM fixed ratio DC-DC converter

Input: 36 – 60V

Output: 7.2 – 15.3V

Power: Up to 2400W

Efficiency: Over 98%

As small as: 23 x 17 x 5.2mm


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