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NBM™ Non-isolated Bus Converter Module

Bidirectional power converters

NBMs are fixed ratio (non-regulating) non-isolated, bidirectional DC-DC converters. These patented high-performance power modules provide a complete DC-DC solution and do not require an external input filter or bulk capacitors. In addition, the NBM2317 features built-in hot-swap capability and inrush current limiting. Fast transient response is supported by the NBM’s low output impedance. The NBM family of converters are available in through-hole Converter housed in Package (ChiP™) and Surface Mount (SM-ChiP™) board-mount packages. All manufacturing is performed in the Vicor state-of-the-art ChiP™ fab located in Andover, Massachusetts.

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Input specifications

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Nom input: Nominal input:
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Output specifications

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Features and Benefits

Features and benefits

High efficiency >98%

High efficiency >98%

High power density

High power density of up to 3,600W/in3

Parallel operation

Parallel operation for multi‑kW arrays

Bidirectional capability

Watch the Digi-Key video that outlines the technical advantages of the NBM2317


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