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MIL-COTS MI-MegaMod™ DC-DC converters

MI-MegaMods offer up to a total of 300W from one, two or three outputs. Each unit incorporates one, two or three component-level Vicor MI-200/MI-J00 DC-DC converters in a chassis-mount package. In addition, the MI-MegaMod chassis-mount packaging can also be used on the MI-IAM, MI-RAM and MI-AIM modules.

Standard features such as wide output trimming/programming, current limiting, remote sense and logic enable/disable combine to offer a high degree of protection, versatility and reliability for power systems.

Vicor MIL-COTS MI-MegaMod™ DC-DC converters

Power System Designer

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Input specifications

Min input: Minimum input:
Nom input: Nominal input:
Max input: Maximum input:

Output specifications

Min output: Minimum output:
Nom output: Nominal output:
Max output: Maximum output:
Vicor Power System Designer

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

One, two or three outputs

One, two or three outputs

Transient compliance for 28V

MIL‑STD‑704D/E/F transient compliance for 28 and 270VDC

Compliance for 155V

MIL‑STD‑1399A compliance for 155VDC


  • Outline Drawing for MI-MegaMod
    PDF  DXF
  • Outline Drawing for Mi-MegaMod Jr. 1-Up
    PDF  DXF
  • Outline Drawing for MI-MegaMod Jr. 2-Up
    PDF  DXF
  • Outline Drawing for MI-MegaMod Jr. 3-Up
    PDF  DXF

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