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PI5101 µRDS(on)FET

Not recommended for new designs.

The PI5101 µRDS(on) FET™ solution combines a high-performance 5V, 360µΩ lateral N-Channel MOSFET with a thermally enhanced high-density land-grid-array (LGA) package to enable world-class performance in the footprint area of an industry-standard SO-8 package. The PI5101 offers unprecedented figure-of-merits for DC & switching applications. The PI5101 will replace up to six conventional "SO-8 form factor" devices for the same on-state resistance, reducing board space by ~80%.

Features and Benefits

Features and benefits


High-performance 5V, 360µΩ lateral N-Channel MOSFET


Offers unprecedented figure-of-merit for low voltage control switching and analog signal routing/control

Outperforms conventional Trench MOSFETs and enables very low loss operation

High density

Packaged in a thermally enhanced high-density 4.1mm x 8mm x 2mm LGA package

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Voltage (VDS)
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Part Number: PI5101-01-LGIZ Continuous Current:
60 A
360 µ Ohms
Voltage (VDS)
5 V
RoHS Compliant:

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