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MIL-COTS ZVS buck-boost switching regulators

Product announced for End of Life. PCN VE20210129

The PI37xx is a series of high efficiency, wide input range DC-DC ZVS-Buck-Boost regulators integrating controller, power switches, and support components, all within a high density System-in-Package (SiP). The PI37xx requires only an external inductor and a minimal number of capacitors, to form a complete DC-DC switching mode buck-boost regulator. The high switching frequency reduces the size of the external filtering components, improves power density, and enables very fast dynamic response to line and load transients. The PI37xx regulator sustains high switching frequency up to the rated input voltage without sacrificing efficiency and supports large DC-DC conversion ratios. The device can also be configured to operate in constant current mode.

Vicor buck boost regulator

Power System Designer

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Input specifications

Min input: Minimum input:
Nom input: Nominal input:
Max input: Maximum input:

Output specifications

Min output: Minimum output:
Nom output: Nominal output:
Max output: Maximum output:
Vicor Power System Designer

Features and Benefits

Features and benefits

Wide operating range 

Wide operating range 

Fast development time 

Simple to use; fast development time 

High efficiency 

Flexible and rich feature set 

Flexible and rich feature set 


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