Application Notes


This library of Application Notes are written by Vicor's technical engineering team, for engineers to help optimize their designs. Learn from our experiences through product analysis and product design-ins. Need help with your design? Contact our Applications Experts.

Product Specific Applications



PDFControlling the BatMod with a Digital Potentiometer »

PDFDesigning High-Power Arrays Using Maxi, Mini and Micro Family DC-DC Converters »

PDFThermal Considerations: Assuring Performance of Maxi, Mini and Micro High-Density DC-DC Converter Modules »

PDFAN:001 – Configuring Vicor IBC Converters with niPOLs »

PDFAN:002 – PRM/VTM Parallel Operation »

PDFAN:005 – FPA Printed Circuit Board Layout Guidelines »

PDFAN:006 – A Filter Solution for the BCM »

PDFAN:008 – VI Chip® BCM® Bus Converter Thermal Management »

PDFAN:016 – Using BCM Bus Converters in High Power Arrays »

PDFAN:024 – Accurate Point-of-Load Voltage Regulation Using Simple Adaptive Loop Feedback »

PDFAN:025 – Improving the Light Load Efficiency of a VI Chip Bus Converter Array »

PDFAN:029 – Single DCM as an Isolated, Regulated DC-DC Converter »

PDFAN:030 – Parallel DCMs »

PDFAN:032 – Designing High Power Parallel Arrays with PRMs »

PDFAN:033 – Fault Management Circuit »

PDFAN:034 – Creating Higher Voltage Outputs using Series Connected Sine Amplitude Converters »

PDFAN:037 – Designing a BCM Precharge Circuit »

PDFAN:038 – HV ChiP BCM® Reverse Start Up Circuit »

PDFAN:039 – Thermal Management for VIA and ChiP Modules »

PDFDual, High and Low Side ORing Application Using Picors PI2003 and PI2007 »

PDFAN: 102 – Line Filter, VI-HAM Harmonic Attenuator Module »

PDFAN: 107 – Off-line Power Supply using the FARM AC Front End Module »

PDFAN:202 – IBC Filter Considerations »

PDFAN:205 – Micro DC-DC Converter Family Isolated Remote Sense »

PDFAN:206 – Converter PR Pin Facilitates Parallel Operation for Power Expansion or Redundancy »

PDFAN:303 – Assembly Guidelines for Picor Cool-Power PI33xx and PI34xx Series 10x14mm SiP »

PDFUndervoltage/Overvoltage Lockout »

PDFRecommended PCB Design & Surface Mount Guidelines for Picor Corporations LGA Packages »

PDFCurrent Share Board»

PDFAN:302 – PI31xx Product Family Reflow Soldering Guidelines »