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The lowest noise and best thermal management for test and measurement systems

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Modular, scalable
power delivery

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Improved thermal management

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Low noise

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High power density

Space constraints limit performance

Space constraints limit performance

Maintaining signal integrity

It is vital to the operation of this specialized instrumentation that power delivery networks (PDNs) do not contribute to parasitic noise. Unwanted noise introduced into the system from external sources can compromise or degrade signal integrity rendering the resultant test results useless.

Managing excessive heat

Test and measurement devices routinely run warm due to the compact nature of the equipment and operating environment. Too much localized heat can reduce the effectiveness of the equipment and if it persists unchecked it could result in premature catastrophic failure of the equipment.

Best in-class power density and efficiency

Best in-class power density and efficiency

High performance with low noise

Vicor high-performance, high-density power modules are ideal for space constrained instrumentation systems. Patented power system architectures, like Vicor Factorized Power Architecture (FPA), are inherently low-noise and will not impact sensitive measurements.

Efficient thermal management

The high-efficiency modules reduce losses that generate heat, and the planar form of the modules lend themselves to cost-effective and efficient thermal management. This combination allows modules to fit into tight spaces without the need for excessive and expensive cooling solutions.

The Power Delivery Network

The sample PDN shown was designed to use an intermediate 48V bus for better efficiency from 48V to the point-of-load. When designed in parallel, the Vicor DCM isolated, regulated DC-DC converter modules deliver over 600W of power at 92.7% efficiency at full load. In the same PDN, the Vicor VTM and NBM (isolated and non-isolated) fixed-ratio DC-DC modules transform 48V to a large variety of point-of-load requirements up to 12V at 96% efficiency. Inherently low noise Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) topology and advanced packaging technology – combined with planar magnetics and a low profile – greatly simplify and improve thermal management.

Vicor power delivery network for instrumentation testing

DCM DC-DC converters

Input: 9 – 420V

Output: 3.3, 5, 12, 13.8, 15, 24, 28, 36, 48V

Power: Up to 1300W

Efficiency: Up to 96%

As small as 24.8 x 22.8 x 7.21mm

VTM current multipliers

Input: 0 – 60V

Output: 0 – 55V

Output: 32.5 – 51.3V

Peak efficiency: Up to 97%

As small as 22.83 x 8.52 x 4.9mm


NBM fixed ratio DC-DC converters

Input: 36 – 60V

Output: 7.2 – 15.3V

Power: Up to 2400W

Efficiency: Over 98%

As small as: 23 x 17 x 5.2mm